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What we offer

Potty Break 

(For those pups that simply need

a little relief in the middle of the day)


+ $5 per additional dog

+ $5 weekend fee




30 Minute Visit

(Whether they prefer a walk or a bout of fetch in the yard,

a 30 minute visit is great for those dogs that need a bit of TLC. 

Also convenient for mid-day feedings and medication)

$25 per walk 

+ $5 per additional dog

+ $5 weekend fee




pack hikes/Park Trips

(Fetch? Chase? Bonding with the pack?

If your dog is well-socialized and craves exercise 

perhaps a 1.5 hour hike or dog park trip is the choice for you!

Travel time must be taken into consideration, so keep in mind we may have your dog for 3-4 hours)

$27 per day for each dog

+ $20 per additional dog

+ $5 weekend fee




Cat Visits

(30 minutes of love, brushes, catnip and litterbox therapy) 

1 visit = $25 per day

2 visits = $40 per day




In-Home Pet Sitting

(We stay in your home with your pets, never leaving them for more than 4-5 hours at a time. Mail will be brought inside, plants will be watered and the home will be monitored during your absence. If your pup is well socialized then they are welcome to join the daily pack. If they are older and in need of extra monitoring, please don't hesitate to let us know so we can best accommodate their needs. Boarding dogs within our home is possible under the condition that they are trained, housebroken and friendly with cats)

Starting at $75/night for 24 hour care

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