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Who are we?

Taylor established Pet Sounds back in 2011 after realizing her affinity for animals was something she just couldn't shake.  As a young child her interest in all things furry, feathered, finned and scaled had enveloped her focus, even prompting a chicken-scratch letter to her local zoo with the intent of employment. "Zoo Keeper" was the position at heart, and whereas they appreciated her gusto their response was an affable "Come see us in 10 years!"

I guess hyenas are too dangerous for 8 year olds.

As a teenager she gained significant animal behavioral and handling skills by working hands on within the dynamic settings of pet hospitals and dog daycares. In 2008, after a few years of studying at Arizona State she left her hometown of Phoenix to start a new (and wet) adventure in Seattle. As luck would have it she was shown the ins-and-outs of dog walking (with the help of the good folks at and presto-chango: Pet Sounds was born. Taylor has been honored with the opportunity to know, love, and care for so many great animals in the stunning PNW. When she's not covered in dog hair you can find her painting, playing keyboards and maybe even the Ocarina when she's feeling festive.


Kris is the invaluable other half of Pet Sounds. Hailing from the beautiful island of O'ahu he made his way to Seattle over 20 years ago where he nestled into the local music scene. When he's not doting on dogs and cats (which may or may not include making up comical voices for them) you can find him watching Italian horrors, playing bass and eagerly anticipating the reopening of our local music venues where he works as a respected sound engineer.

Oh, and this is our beloved Bearded Dragon, Lomez.

This is Astro.  Resident cat.  He provides harsh judgement of most things.

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